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Dr. Martina Arndt - professor at BSU talks about solar eclipses in preparation for the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017


Pat Koczela and Steve Viera from Medrobotics, Raynham, MA. - demonstrate and let students drive their newly FDA approved surgical robot. 

Dr. Joe Johnson- The story of One Engineer's Career, Interestingly Told, Plus Free Advice from an Old Guy. 

Transit X:  (un) Paving the way to a Car-free World. 

Tim and Roger - prepare to make STEAM Day great!

THANK YOU to all of our speakers and all of our gracious BRRHS students!  Great information was shared and the speakers raved about how well informed and how welcomed they felt by the BRRHS community.  

Thanks BR - Bryce and Molly made us look good!

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